Monday, April 18, 2011

Opening Weekend Yellowstone

OK so technically Yellowstone is open year round.  But the 15th was the first day the West entrance opened, which is the way I have to go so it was opening weekend for me : )  We stayed at Mammoth campground.  Had our pick of sites.  It was full of the usual suspects.  Lots of elk and bison walking around.
We didn't come across any bears or wolves but did run into this nice group of Bighorn sheep.

For some reason this one was whiter than the rest.

Contrast brought out his tracks in the snow.

Curled up on a mountain side.

Marshmellows! Yeah!

Saw this guy at Phatom Lake.

Nice to be able to camp once again in Yellowstone!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Great Grey Owl

Heard there were some Grey Owls being spotted along Spring Gulch road over in Jackson. The rumors were correct! Nice big Owl (big at least to me) sitting on a fence showing off. Saw him in the afternoon and evening.