Thursday, June 28, 2012

Black Canyon Mountain Bike trail Teton Pass 2012

Here is an update from last years ride.  Ride is a lot funner on a full suspension bike.  Tried it as a loop this year.  Right at 10 miles, 6 up and 4 down.  Parked at the trail creek trail head around 630am and headed out.  Took a little over 2hrs to get back to the truck.  First time riding up the old pass road.  I did want to quit and head back a number of times.  All rideable but really long for me.  I was pretty tired by the time I hit the singletrack climb.  I did see two different momma moose with babies on the way up.  The downhill had a few more rutted out root drops than I remember from last year.  I put the bike down twice but nothing major.  Still a great ride a little funner if you can shuttle though in my opinion.

Some video showing what the the downhill looks like.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rocky Peak Mountain Bike Trail Pine Creek Pass Victor ID

This trail starts the same place as the Red Creek Trail.  First 2 and a half miles are the same then you branch off to the right at a signed junction.  Trail can be done as a loop with 3 miles of it on Pine Creek Pass hwy or shuttle if you don't want to climb 2 miles up the pass.  I shuttled it and would probably find it hard to add 2 more miles of up to the trail that would be required if you couldn't shuttle.  This trail has alot of uphill with hike a bike sections.  Gain close to 1500' of elevation.  It does provide amazing views of Teton Valley and the Grand Teton.  At one high point you can see Teton Valley with the Grand on one side and see down into Swan Valley on the other.  Once you get to the uninterrupted downhill be ready for rock.  I had the good fortune of riding this on a 29er so I through caution to the wind knowing it would eat up everything the trail would offer.  If you are on a HT 26 look out.  Trail down is full of fist to shoe size loose rock.  Picking your line down is important.  On the 29er the trail was amazingly fun going down.  Almost erased the memory of the climb up.  Trail takes a ridgeline down void of trees until you hit the last 1/2 mile.  Amazing views the whole way.

The downhill is really fast and full of rock and really fun.  However the climb up is pretty brutal with lots of hike a bike.  Fun to do at least once!

Red Creek Mountain bike trail Pine Creek Pass Victor ID

Red Creek trail makes for a really fun downhill after an hour long climb.  The stem part of the picture is the Spooky trail.  It starts about a mile west of the summit.  Parts of the trail do take awhile to melt from the snow so this isn't a first of the year ride.  After your done climbing your descent takes you fast downhill with tight turns. Once you're down the first mile you get to cross the stream multiple times unless you ride a 29er and can ride them all except maybe one.  Nothing major just plan on getting your feet wet.  You get some nice tight rocky sections to give you a technical feel of the trail.  Nothing too major just enough to keep you on your toes and make it interesting.  You get some jumps on the small section that is double track.  Almost entire trail is singletrack.  Small mile climb back up to Spooky then rip back to the car!

I got to do this ride on a Santa Cruz Tallboy 29er and LOVED every minute of it.
Trail is recommended just know you do have an hour long climb with some hike a bike.  About 9 miles total.