Kayaking the South Arm of Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone Lake Kayak trip 8/16-8/19/2010
Started at Grant Village visited the Flat Mountain Arm and the South Arm before finishing at Sedge Bay.  Paddled close to 50 miles total. 3 people in the group.  1 Dagger blackwater13.5 tandem kayak.  1 Wilderness Systems Tsunami kayak. 1 Wilderness Systems Epic kayak.


After shuttling a vehicle to sedge bay we left Grant Village heading for camp site 7L2 Breeze bay.
He had a good lookout spot.

Heading down the lake.

Friendly visitor in the back of camping area,

First night's camp spot.  Look closely and you can even see the bear bags hanging.  Was a nice spot.  looking across the lake you could see parts of the park road.

 Boats were still there after a good nights sleep.  Nice calm morning to start.

More of the views from around camp.  Lots of dead fall as you walked around away from the lake.  Went on a nice little hike.  Didn't see any wildlife execpt the little buck from the previos pictures.  If you had time you could make some headway exploring.  Most of the terrain was scattered deadfall with sparse green trees so visibility was pretty good.

Calm before setting out.

Getting ready for day 2.

Stopping on a sandy beach for a break and photo ops.

Pulling out the map to see how far we had to go.

View looking into the end of the Flat Mountain Arm.

Seriously forrested area throughout the entire Flat Mountain Arm area.

Nice set of antlers sitting a couple of feet from the water at the bottom of the arm.

Campsite 7L9 Flat Mountain Arm south. Look closely for the tent.  Hard to find a tent site close to the water here.

Felt a little wierd being completely surrounded by the trees because the forrest was so thick here.

Panorama looking towards the main lake from the campsite in the Flat Mountain Arm.

3rd Day

Always calm in the AM. View from camp.  Treated to Trumpeter Swans and Sandhill cranes serenading us first thing in the morning.

Fun photo sequence of this eagle : )

Taking off




The Trout were big.

Beach spot for the night.

Campsite 7M9 South Arm.
Hard to find a flat spot to put the tent.  No sign of anyone else being there lately pitching a tent.  Just made the best of a grassy area.  Looks really good for wildlife viewing but we didn't see anything.  Lots of noisy Sandhills in the morning was treat though.

Calm morning as usual.

Some elk we came across hiking up  one of the hills in the South Arm area.

Peale Island Patrol Cabin. Coolest patrol cabin spot you could ever imagine!

Little storm off in the distance.

Waves were huge as we were coming into camp. Photo does not due the waves justice.  They were monsters, we had to pull the kayaks higher up the bank a couple of times to keep them out of the wave's reach.  It was truely something to witness.
Calm after the storm.

Last beach spot for our camping trip.

Last campsite 5L7 Promontory Bay.
I had read that this side of the Promontory was full of mosquitoes due to Alder lake being there.  This was an understatement.  We had to run from the beach to the tent.  They were by far the deadliest hungriest mosquitoes you'll ever come across.  This campsite is not recommended unless it is winter and they are all dead.  Beach area was fine but once you left the beach they were all over.  Only place on the trip we even encountered them really.

Last Bear Pole

Family of deer were by us the whole time.  Even trying to lick our bear bags before we hung them.

Sunrise Last Day!

We left ASAP in the morning since we were heading all the way to Sedge bay, and we had had wind all week in the afternoon.  I made a bead on what was campsite 5E9 across the lake and went for it.  We made it across just as the waves started to pick up.  Luckily they weren't to bad and we made it to Sedge bay in record time.  I did have a backup campsite reservation incase the weather (waves) didn't cooperate and we had to wait for a crossing.  You're not encouraged to make the open water crossing but we had already done it once the previous year and felt we knew what we were looking for. We were exposed to some really big waves all week so I think we would have known if it wasn't safe.
Had a great week of weather and a great trip.

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