Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yellowstone May 20-22

  We had an uneventful Friday.  Saturday started off the same way with a steady drizzle throughout most of the northern park.

A rare moose by the Petrified tree turnout.

The local bird the nests in the sign at tower junction.

  When we came across the bridge over the Yellowstone river we knew we had found something due to the number of cars parked. 
There were a couple of Marmots below the bridge.  Probably watching all the people wondering what was going on.
There was a black bear sleeping in some trees on one side of the river.  Only a part of him was visible though. 
The other side had a cinnamon bear taking a nap on a carcass he had been feeding on. 
There was also a black bear on the hill above Floating island. 

The highlight was yet to come. 

Rounding a corner on our way back toward Mammoth the truck in front of us was at a stop.  Moments later the passenger got out with camera in hand.  As we got closer Mare spotted the bear on the side.  I let her out and parked a little down the road.  A black bear was coming around the hillside towards the road.

  He continued to put on a show even as the cars started to back up.  He rounded the hill walked along the slope for awhile before he eventually headed down and across the road. 

He was around for probably 15 minutes.