Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rush Hour mountain bike trail Victor, ID

Here is a google earth shot of Nemo (on the left) and Rush Hour (right).

Rush Hour is 2 miles long and done as an out n back or you could loop it by going on the hwy.  I'd just do it as an out n back since it is funner that way.  The trail heads up to the Stateline (WY/ID) and stops.  There is a parking lot there or on the bottom on the old Jackson hwy.  From the old Jackson hwy is probably the nicer out n back.  Trail has short uphill stretches either way you go.  Some nice banked turns and bridge crossings.  I'd rate it as another beginner trail along with Nemo for the lack of drops or jumps.  It does make for a nice after or before work ride.

Nemo mountain bike trail, base of teton pass Idaho side

Nemo bike trail is a hidden little gem by the Mike Harris campground outside of Victor.  Rumor has it that this is an illegally built trail.  So I haven't found it on any of our local maps or bike guide books but it is on the internet.  There aren't any signs saying you can't ride it either.  It has a short mile long climb up a powerline road.  Then it takes some nice flowy turns through the forest back to the car for about another 2 miles.  This is more of a beginners trail for our area in my opinion.  There aren't any real root drops or rocky sections.  Just nice clean trail through the forest.  It does provide fun and takes about 30 minutes to do the whole thing.  I recommend adding the Rush Hour trail with it so you get more bang for the buck.  Rush Hour is just across the highway and you don't even have to move your car

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shadow Mountian Bike Trail North of Jackson Wy.

Took a trip over to Jackson to try this trail out the other day.  I've been wanting to ride it for quite some time now but never had the pieces all fall together.  Reviews and some youtube videos on it all looked to good to pass up.  I was right.  Way to fun of a downhill to pass up.  It is out of the way but well worth the trip.  Starts out with a long ridable climb up a forest service road.  Lasts for a little over 3 miles.  The trail then cuts off to the left for some of the best singletrack descents around.  You start out in some Aspens move through pine trees break out into the open hillside then back into aspen dropping you out into the sagebrush.  Trail changes just as much.  Smooth flowy track mixed it with some nice root drops, tight S turns, and some rock for good measure.
Take a right on Antelope Flats road just north of the Moose WY exit.  When you come to the end of the road take a left.  Follow it until you pass a large house on your right.  Then look for a large camping/parking area.  There is a forest service trail marker there.  Ride the forest service road about 3 miles to the top, trail is on the left.  When you get to the bottom of the single track you run into double track.  Ride it out towards the power lines then turn left and head back to your vehicle.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sharks Belly and Bovine mountain bike trail --Big hole mountains -- teton valley ID

Here is a little video I shot of the Sharks Belly and Bovine trail located in the Big Hole mountains west of Driggs.  The trail system lets you combine multiple trails in the area for however long a ride you want to do.  I just did this trail as an out and back yesterday to try out my new camera.  Bovine takes 15-20 minutes to climb than another 15-20 to get to the end of Sharks Belly.  There is a 4 way trail junction at the end.  Video starts at the trail junction heading back to the truck.  Sharks Belly is more enjoyable going this direction.  Out n back is 5.67 miles elevation gain of about 777 ft roughly an hour.  Bovine trail takes you out in the open, Sharks Belly is complete opposite with you riding in solid trees.