Southeast Arm Yellowstone Lake Pics/Video

Took a Kayak trip down into the Souheast Arm end of Aug 2009.
Paddled close to 55 miles total. 1st night camped at 5E8.  Second night and longest day of paddling was campsite 6A2.  Campsite had almost no where to pitch a tent due to all the deadfall.  It should be cleaned up for a couple tent sites or removed from choices it was so bad at finding a good spot for a tent.  3rd night was 5E2 after a dayspent paddling up the Yellowstone river inlet.  Last night was 5E9, best grassy campsite on the lake probably.

Enjoy the pictures not as much detail as my newer trips.  I used a camcorder most of this trip recording stuff so not alot of pictures.
This one is my favorite.  Taken on the Yellowstone river looking upsream.

Same Yellowstoneriver inlet area.  The willows were so thick and tall it reminds me of the Grizzley man movie when he is talking about the Grizzly maze.

We did stop on a sand bar and explore alittle.  Lots of elk track and bear track with absolutely no visibility.  So we didn't do too much wandering : )

Bear track on one the sand bars along the inlet.

Inlet area.

Sunset at campsite 5E9

Colter peak in the middle Turret peak off to the right side (round knob).

Unsuccessfully fishing along the eastern shore, walking distance to campsite 5E8.

More of the inlet area.

Me taking a needed break from paddeling.

Trip was very nice.  It was cool checking out where the river comes into the lake.  Exploring the area around Campsite 6A3 was an eyeopener when it comes to seeing bear sign.  We hiked along the Trail Creek trail over to the South arm.  There were more bear tracks and poop everywhere we went then I could have ever imagined.  However we didn't see any wildlife except for a few Sandhill Cranes.  Although I'm sure if you just sat by the trail for awhile you'd see a bear walk by.

Here is a short video of a trip to the Southeast Arm of Yellowstone Lake. Trip heads down the eastern shoreline then crosses the lake over to the west side of the Promontory. Continuing down to the Molly Islands then over to the Yellowstone delta, up the river a little ways. Then returning to Sedge Bay along the eastern shore. Sorry for not having any audio.

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