Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cannondale Prophet 5 650B conversion

 650Bx2.35 vs 26x2.35  I couldn't afford a new bike come Christmas time last year so I did the next best thing.  New Wheelset 650B Style!  According to online forums my 07 Cannondale Prophet fit the bill as a perfect candidate.  So with winter putting a stop to my biking end of November I started looking for wheels.  With the lefty up front my cheap options were kinda limited finding a used one.  Luckily Pro Bike Supply had a discount special around the holidays that I snatched up.  ZTR CREST is a sweet wheel and my first intro into going tubeless.
Made my front wheel almost a pound lighter from the stock set.  For the rear, I tried to get a bunch of people selling sets online to sell me just the rear but with no success. Finally found a guy off of KSL that had a set of Velocity's he hadn't ridden yet.  He was skeptical but agreed to sell me just the rear with 9 sp cassette and rotor for $100 plus shipping.  I thought it was a great deal for someone staring out his window at 2-3 feet of snow.  Not happy that the rim is silver but what are ya gonna do when it is really just an experiment after all, kinda.   What if  I don't like the ride or it doesn't fit?  Then I'd really be out some cash if I ante up for a matching rear ZTR Crest.  So I'm happy with the cheaper wheel.

26x2.35 Hans Dampf

26in rims

With 650b mismatched rims front Stans ztr crest the rear a Velocity Blunt.

  650B Schwable Nobby Nic

27.5x2.35 Nobby Nic

Bike rides perfectly in the FR shock setting.  Eliminates pedal strikes that were always the draw back when pedaling in that setting before.  Point and ride is the new motto.  I did end of putting a nylon washer in the rear shock to prevent rear tire from hitting the seat tube.  Other than running a small 2.1" tire on the rear it has been great.

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